This new professional service from your pharmacist
puts you in charge of your medical records...

PMR Smart™ is a web-based personal medical record that you can access wherever you go. It's a centralized form of medical documentation that provides the basis for streamlined medical treatment.

Your PMR Smart record is maintained on a secure server and can be accessed from medical offices, pharmacies, emergency rooms, and hospitals. It’s completely interactive – you and your healthcare providers can view and update your medical records on any computer with a broadband internet connection from anywhere in the world.

PMR Smart is the perfect tool for patients who travel, snowbirds with second homes, patients who see more than one physician or specialist, patients with children who have chronic illnesses, and caregivers.

Your professional pharmacist can assist you with participation in Medication Pathfinder™, the review of your medical records and medications that produces your PMR Smart record. Your medical records and regimens are reviewed so that you can count on optimized coverage tailored to your individual medical needs, and may result in savings by revealing less expensive alternatives to your prescription medications.

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